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Molodaya Gvardiya

Online book store with ratings, reviews, and author's pages


About the Project

A website with an online bookstore for the vintage Russian publishing house «Young Guard», known for its "Life of Remarkable People" book series and other famous book series.

  • What we did
  • UI/UX Design
  • UI Development
  • Designer
  • Igor Starkov

Physical and E-books

Customers can choose between a physical or electronic version of the desired book.

Books and Authors

Detailed information about the books and authors of the publishing house. Selections of related publications and news.

Book Reviews

User reviews of books with ratings and rating calculations.


Automatic notifications to customers about the release of books they're interested in.

The screenshots used may not correspond to the current version of the project,
as the work continues even after first release of the project.

Design. Develop. Deliver.