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Amaks Hotels & Resorts

Exclusive mobile app for hotel network «Amaks Hotels&Resorts»


About the Project

"Amaks Hotels & Resorts" is one of Russia's largest chains of hotels and health resorts. Thousands of guests visit the network's health resorts every month for relaxation and therapeutic treatments.

A mobile application, specially developed for the "AMAKS Hotels & Resorts" chain, aims to comprehensively support guests and helps the hotel operator stimulate the sale of additional services.


A prominent hotel operator, uniting health resorts and spas in 30 cities across Russia and Belarus, needed a mobile tool to enhance guest service during their therapeutic stays and vacations. Moreover, they sought a platform for ticket and additional service sales.


We developed a mobile application that automates key communication processes between the health resort-hotel network and its guests:

  • Room and ticket booking
  • Direct communication with reception
  • Assistance during therapeutic treatments
  • Storing guest data in a personal account
  • Sale of related products and services



The application is built using Flutter, a cross-platform solution that allows product development for both iOS and Android, retaining the native design elements of these platforms. This ensures high-quality mobile product delivery in a shorter development time.

Integration with External Systems

To implement the "Room Booking" function, the application was integrated with the TravelLine service. For uploading a list of treatments to a patient's personal account, we integrated with the "Zdravnitsa" Software System.

Control Panel

Hotel managers can independently edit information about resorts, add new facilities to the database, manage event information and access user data.

  • Who We Did
  • Design
  • UI/UX
  • Mobile Development
  • Back-End Development
  • Backoffice Development
  • Deployment
  • Team
  • Project Manager
  • George Poplavsky
  • UI
  • Igor Starkoff
  • Mobile
  • Andrey Verkeev
  • Michael Koroteev
  • Back-end
  • Anton Kotov
  • Denis Danilov
  • Front-end
  • Pavel Grishin
  • QA
  • Svetlana Muzyukova



Implements business logic of software, API and integration with external systems, used by hotel.

Control Panel

The management panel is utilized by hotel staff to add events, news, and to notify guests about important happenings.

Guest Mobile Application

The cross-platform mobile application is installed by guests after checking into the hotel. It provides them with up-to-date information on events at the facility and details about available services.


Room & Ticket Booking

On the initial screen, which is accessible without logging in, users can select their desired AMAKS resort, specify the dates, and book a room. To facilitate this, we integrated the application with TravelLine – a service that aggregates offers and bookings from major booking platforms.

The resort screen provides all the information regarding its location and services. From here, one can directly call the resort's reception or their helpline and also navigate to the location using Yandex.Maps or Google Maps.

Guest Login in the Application

After arriving and registering, users can log into the application using their phone number. If the guest isn't found in the resort's database, the application will notify them to contact the reception.

Guest Dashboard


On the main screen of this section, users can view upcoming events - doctor's appointments, treatments, and activities. The first event in a health resort patient's "Summary" is always a visit to the therapist, who then creates a treatment plan.

Each event card includes information about the procedure name, its timing, and location. If an event is less than 15 minutes away, it's highlighted in red.

The app serves as a channel for swift communication between guests and the resort or sanatorium administration. In-app features include buttons to "Call the Hotline" and "Call the Reception". The administration can send out messages which will appear in the guest's app under the "Notifications" tab.

Medical Procedures

The purpose of this section is to assist patients during their sanatorium treatments by providing a digital schedule of procedures with details about doctors and rooms.

A horizontal sliding calendar, with days marked with procedures highlighted by a red indicator, is the main feature of this section. When a day is selected, a list of procedures with relevant information is displayed. Guests receive a reminder notification 15 minutes before the procedure.

Events & Activities

This section is structured similarly to "Procedures", with a horizontal calendar format.

Guests can add an event to their favorites and receive a notification 15 minutes before the event starts to ensure they don't miss out.


"Amaks Hotels & Resorts" now boasts a multifunctional mobile tool to enhance guest experience. Having a proprietary app provides a significant competitive edge for the hotel network.

The guest application offers:

  • Travel Voucher Sales Channel. Even unregistered users can book rooms and vouchers due to the app's integration with external services.
  • Customer Communication. AMAKS guests no longer need to personally approach the reception desk; all queries can be addressed through the app.
  • Guest Assistance. The app aids in navigating the premises and keeps guests updated about hotel news. Resort visitors receive an electronic list of procedures..
  • Goods and Services Sales Channel. Through the app, the hotel network can offer additional medical and cosmetological services and goods.

The screenshots used may not correspond to the current version of the project,
as the work continues even after first release of the project.

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