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Cleaning Service Automation Solution

2016 – 2020

About Project


The goal of this project was to design and develop a custom CRM system for a cleaning company, offering a variety of additional services such as ironing, dishwashing, and more.

The company handles over 200 orders daily and employs a permanent staff of more than 350 cleaners and other specialists.


The project focused on developing a CRM system tailored for B2C services, specifically catering to private apartment cleaning and additional services. The key to success in this business model is to optimize revenue and automate all processes related to attracting customers and providing services.


A major challenge in this project was the tight deadline, as the system needed to start accepting and servicing orders within just four months from the contract signing date. Additionally, the system had to be scalable and efficient in managing a high volume of daily orders and a large workforce.


To achieve the project objectives, we utilized our expertise in CRM system development and tailored it to the specific needs of the cleaning company with additional services. As a result, we designed and developed a comprehensive CRM system composed of several interconnected components capable of handling the company's unique requirements.


Our expert team successfully delivered a robust custom CRM system tailored for the cleaning company with additional services. The system streamlined the customer acquisition process, service delivery, and overall management, allowing the business to thrive in a competitive market.

Unfortunately, in the covid crisis, many people stopped ordering home cleaning services and the company closed.

  • Our work
  • Software Design (SRS)
  • Technical Design
  • UI/UX
  • Software Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Deployment

Key Requirements

Cleaner Distribution

Automatic distribution of cleaners, taking into account the convenience of the route, experience, and qualifications.

Recurring Payments

Automatic billing after the completion of work without customer involvement.

Contractor Payouts

Automatic payments to contractors via credit cards.

Cleaner's Mobile Terminal

Features for marking the beginning and end of cleaning, cleaner's schedule, payment information, and reference materials.
Inventory and Warehouse Management
Calculation of inventory depreciation and integration with "My Warehouse" as a platform for warehouse accounting.

Marketing and Analytics

Advertising campaigns, promo codes, friend invitations, and other marketing functionalities.

The system consists of several interrelated components

Backend software

The software that implements the business logic and necessary integrations.

Manager's panel

A centralized control panel for managing the service with customizable access levels.

Cleaner's Mobile Terminal

An application providing all necessary functions and information for the cleaner.
The main landing page, an order calculator, and the customer's portal.
Customer's Android App
A mobile application for Android, allowing users to conveniently interact with the service.
iOs App
A mobile application for iOS, enabling users to seamlessly work with the service.
The developed solution covers a wide range of tasks, the automation of which is necessary for providing quality services and business growth

Order Management

The order catalog is available to managers in both list and calendar views. One of the key classifiers is the order status, which has over 8 statuses and simplifies tracking the current stage of service provision with a history of order status transitions. Real-time monitoring of problematic situations is also implemented, such as when an order should already be starting, but the cleaner has not marked the beginning of the order in their application. These orders are flagged, and responsible managers are notified.

Customer Management

For each customer, information about completed and planned orders, payments, and reviews is available. User identifiers in various web analytics systems are also stored, allowing tracking of the customer source. The system creates a blacklist and whitelist of cleaners for each customer based on reviews. A separate selection displays problematic customers with payment arrears.

Cleaner Management

For each cleaner, the system provides information on their experience, customer ratings, and completed orders. The system uses an individual work schedule for each cleaner, set by the manager. The system calculates payments to cleaners and, if necessary, exports the registry according to a set schedule for accounting or automatically sends funds to the cleaners.

Inventory Management

Inventory management, necessary for providing services, is also automated. Cleaners request necessary inventory through the terminal, and warehouse staff, having access to the previous requests log, decide on the issuance. The system takes into account the usage period and depreciation of inventory, notifying managers when it is time to replace the cleaner's inventory.

Ratings and Reviews

For each completed order, customer reviews and ratings are collected through the website, applications, or by the manager during a call. If the rating is lower than "excellent," a quality specialist and claims manager handle the review. A special interface in the system allows them to enter a description of the problem and proposed solution (free re-cleaning, bonus accrual, etc.).

Order Distribution

At Dome.ru, orders are distributed in semi-automatic mode without cleaner involvement. The distribution algorithm takes into account the work schedule, completed training, and geographical location (considering neighboring orders) for route planning. This approach helps to improve service quality and efficiently allocate the time of service providers.

Hire management

The system provides tools for working with job applicants. Before transitioning to full-fledged cleaners, the system includes seven stages related to various interviews, checks, and training needed to select the best specialists. After successful completion, the candidate becomes a cleaner, their work schedule is filled out, and they receive the initial set of inventory. They then participate in the automatic order distribution.

Roles and Access Restrictions

To differentiate rights and access to specific functions, the system provides roles for managers. Each role is assigned available functionality and viewing areas. In this way, within one multifunctional control panel, working interfaces are created for employees with different areas of responsibility.

For any business that uses the internet as a key source of clients, it's crucial to analyze the effectiveness of customer acquisition channels and improve conversion rates using all possible means.

Loyalty Programs

Two types of loyalty programs are available for regular clients: an internal program that awards points that can be used to pay for services, and an external program that offers cashback through partner banks.

Promo Codes

We developed a flexible promo code system that allows promo code owners to receive discounts in percentages, absolute values, or even free services. Usage statistics and records are kept for each promo code.

Referral Rewards

Users who refer new clients to the service receive a bonus equal to the cost of an apartment cleaning. The new client, in turn, receives a discount on their first cleaning.

Prepaid Certificates

Prepaid certificate functionality allows clients to gift each other services. When creating a certificate, users can choose any services to include.

Partnership Programs

The necessary functionality for partnership programs with other companies is implemented through a special type of promo code. The promo code allows setting conditions for regular cleanings and applies to all future client orders.

Abandoned Cart

The system records the visitor's contact information as soon as possible. If a potential client does not complete the order process, their information is passed on to the sales department for follow-up.

The screenshots used may not correspond to the current version of the project,
as the work continues even after first release of the project.

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