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Online Services Software

Design. Develop. Deliver.

Online Services Development for Business

We design, develop and deliver modern and reliable online services software for business customers.


Development of service marketplaces, taking into account the peculiarities of the process and business specifics.

Online Communities

Create online communication platforms, including thematic communities and customer communities.

Business Software

Services for interaction with employees, clients, and partners. Automation of manufacturing and sales processes.


Development of IT solutions available through a subscription model.

How We Work

The work on the project is divided into several distinct phases. In the initial phase, we dive into the needs and create a detailed vision and project specification for further development.

Then we calculate the necessary labor costs and make a proposal for the development of the first version of the product with a fixed timeframe and budget.

After the first version is released, we continue to work either as a dedicated team or on separate contracts per releases.

Why Choose Us

More than 10 years experience in custom software development. Strong focus on design and requirements management, which allows us to organise the process efficiently and reduce costs.

Fixed Estimate

Separate stage for design. Fixed estimate for development based on design.

Gradual Payment

Gradual payment divided into milestones and interim demonstrations.

Product Approach

We deliver a product, not developer hours. From initial ideas to deployment.


Online Services Design & Development. Core team with 10+ years of experience.

Design. Develop. Deliver.