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Maintenance and Development

Software Support and Enhancement for Online Services and Business

Continuous Development and Comprehensive Technical Support of IT Products

Maintenance and enhancement of software for online services and business involves a series of activities. This includes monitoring, troubleshooting, and updating the software to ensure its optimal performance, security, and functionality. It's essential for adapting to changing market demands, fixing issues, and adding new features or improvements, thus ensuring the software continues to effectively meet the needs and expectations of its users and supports the goals of the business.

Monitoring and Incident Response

Implementation of automated monitoring tools. The response time to incidents is limited, as outlined in the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Software Changes

The project is continuously developed and refined considering business requirements and user feedback.

Flexible Collaboration Options

Support is available with hourly payment for modifications, or by forming a dedicated team for the project.

Depending on the intensity and volume of work, one of the three collaboration options is used.

Time & Material

per month

Support of the project with payment for actually completed work with guaranteed prepaid hours. May includes from 50 hours per month and more.

Dedicated Team

15 000
per month

Formation of a dedicated team for long-term work on the project. The budget and roles of the team depend on the project specifics.

One-Time Tasks

10 000

Carrying out individual changes and improvements with a subsequent release. The budget is calculated before the commencement of work, and the time frame is significantly longer compared to other options.

Typical Team Structure

Project Manager

Coordinates work planning, assigns tasks to the team, and oversees their completion.

Technical Manager

Technical design, requirements management, addresses roadblockers.

UI/UX Designer

Developing user interface layouts in accordance with requirements.

Back-End Developer

Server-side developer.

Front-end Developer

Focuses on UI layout and client-side (web) software development.

Mobile Developer

Mobile developer with expertise in one of three areas: Swift, Kotlin, or Flutter.

QA engineer

Ensures project quality and requirements are met.

DevOps Engineer

Manages and maintains the infrastructure, ensuring the project runs reliably and efficiently.

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