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UI for Pony Express

Mobile Application for Delivery Service


About the Project

We designed and developed a mobile application concept for Pony Express courier company's clients. The application addresses key scenarios required for both senders and recipients of packages.

The application allows users to calculate the cost of sending a package, find the nearest branch, or summon a courier for package pickup. Recipients can also track the delivery status of their packages.

  • What we did
  • UI/UX Design
  • Team
  • Designers
  • Igor Starkov
  • Maria Rolina

Branch Directory

Search for the nearest company branches using a map or a list of nearby branches.

Courier Call

Request a courier for parcel pickup.

Delivery Status

View the delivery status of a parcel using its shipment number.

Shipment Cost Calculation

Calculate the cost of shipping a parcel based on its dimensions and weight.

The screenshots used may not correspond to the current version of the project,
as the work continues even after first release of the project.

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