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Multimodal logistics calculator for Rhenus Logistics
2018 – 2019

About the Project


Multimodal transportation refers to the conveyance of goods under a single contract but carried out by different modes of transportation and various contractors. Each intermediary contractor operates based on their own rates and timelines. As such, there can be multiple transportation options depending on the number of intermediary contractors involved.

Multimodal transportation providers need the capability to swiftly calculate transportation options and costs. A tool is required to automate this process, selecting all currently available contractor sequences, calculating the overall cost and timelines.


We developed the online service comprising two main parts:

  • Web application allowing Rhenus Logistics employees to easily estimate the cost from Point A to Point B
  • Control panel that not only facilitates calculation but also manages the calculations and automatically updates the rates
  • Team
  • Developers
  • Pavel Grishin
  • Evgeny Chernobrovkin

Design. Develop. Deliver.