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B2B Real Estate Services Communication Platform


About the Project

Objective: Design and develop both a mobile and web application for communication in the real estate service sector, with the online conferences feature.

Within the scope of the project, it was necessary to create a service that would serve as a tool for clients and exhibitors, allowing them to exchange questions and answers, access an exhibitor's product catalog, view event chat transcripts, register for online events, and participate as either a speaker or an attendee.

To achieve the set objectives, a decision was made to design and develop a system consisting of both a mobile and web application.

Key Requirements

  • Online Events. Organize or register for an existing online event with the ability to communicate via video/audio calls and text chat. All participants registered for the event undergo moderation by the service administration. Events assume various user roles, such as: organizer, speaker, and attendee. Each role has its functionalities. After the event concludes, an audio recording becomes available to all participants. To provide audio and video communication between speakers and attendees, integration with the external media server Agora was implemented, addressing server infrastructure and bandwidth issues.
  • Chats. The ability for users to join chats and communicate with other event participants. Also, a dedicated user section showcasing a list of all chats they've joined.
  • Business Cards. Allows users to exchange contact information and a section that gathers all the companies with which a user has interacted.
  • News Portal. A comprehensive news portal divided into various categories and tags with commenting and news sharing capabilities.
  • Q&A. Users can pose their questions and answer those from others in the designated section of the platform. To facilitate exhibitors' responses via their web interface, integration with an existing CRM system was provided.

  • What We Did
  • Design
  • UI/UX
  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development
  • Deployment


Software implementing business logic and required integrations.
Mobile Application
A cross-platform mobile app (developed on Flutter) that allows users to interact with the service, organize, and attend online events.
Web Application
A web service with a user dashboard, facilitating the organization and participation in online events.
Control Panel
A centralized service management dashboard with customizable access levels.
The screenshots used may not correspond to the current version of the project,
as the work continues even after first release of the project.

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